The Carbon Entrepreneur Essential Guide

This page is dedicated to individuals or entities focused on developing innovative solutions or business ventures that address and mitigate carbon emissions, or work towards enhancing carbon sequestration.

The Carbon Entrepreneur's Essential Guide

Why Biological Carbon Canada

Biological Carbon Canada stands apart from typical accelerators and incubators. While those are valuable, we offer something distinct: specialized expertise in understanding what carbon markets seek from the agricultural sector, coupled with a proven track record of bridging the gap between farming and entrepreneurship.

Unlocking the System

Agricultural enterprises are ecosystems intricately linked to supply chains that transport inputs and transform raw goods and data into global commodities. Our simplified diagram illustrates this complex yet essential relationship.

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Does your product seamlessly integrate into existing systems?


Who holds the financial power?

What precise on-farm issue does your solution address?

Drawing from our extensive interactions with accelerators and incubators, consider these pivotal points:

Does your product account for the invaluable element of time?

How reliable are your systems?

Is your data secure?

Can you demonstrate tangible returns on investment for farmers?

What's the service ROI for your product?

Navigating Agricultural Decision-Making

Unlike other industries, agriculture presents a three-tiered barrier your product must overcome. Our diagram delineates these crucial layers, each demanding a nuanced understanding and market experience. Your team needs to immerse themselves in the farming community to succeed.

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About Biological Carbon Canada

Biological Carbon Canada is a nonprofit based in Alberta. Our mission is to enhance the global competitiveness of Canada’s primary agriculture sectors while delivering carbon reductions and removals. We assist the sector’s investment in people and technology, thus supporting the achievement of Canada’s economic and environmental objectives.

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